5 LOOKBOOK looks - deux

The second set of my 5 favorite LOOKBOOK looks of week!

This is the #1 outfit of the week! I love the bohemian feel of natural long wavy hair. It really can make any outfit have that perfect effortless look. My biggest thing I've been trying lately is to have just one accessory or clothing piece with a pop of color against natural tones. Something about it just makes a cute outfit have a bit of an artsy & fun look! Also can't forget to mention how adorable those heal boots are.

Noticing a pattern? Once again that little pop of color with the feather earrings adds a nice little pop to the entire outfit. & I still can't get enough of these big round sunglasses! It's like the classic 60's round shades gone modern day, possibly a little mod, who knows?! A little lace here & there can really add nice textures within an outfit. I can't say enough how fun it is to play with different fabrics & layering, & this lace shawl is adorable.

I really just fell in love with the skeleton key ring. Antique looking jewelry adds so much character to an outfit.

Hey guess what? There's that simple pop of color again! Yet another way to use this easy technique. Adding a nice colored blazer or vest to a simple dainty dress or top can give it a fun but classy look. Make sure that the blazer or vest lays in a complimenting way with what ever is underneath or it can look sloppy or bulky, eek!

This look really reminds me of home, growing up in laid back cities by the beach (Orange County is really not at all what TV makes it out to be). What's better than being able to run around in a big, light weight, comfy sweater & some short shorts? When I go out it's great when I can find an outfit that's not only cute, but that's comfortable to wear around all day. Also don't miss the plain leather belt. Belts are a nice way to define separate pieces of an outfit in a small & simple way. This pair of sunglasses is another shape that's been "eye catching" recently, if you get my drift, haha.

xo. Ariel Shay

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