Home is where the heart is

I've been extremely busy lately with moving. I've left Phoenix, Arizona to come back to my home in Orange County, California. So forgive me for not posting as much recently!

It has been so great to be home. I grew up in Orange County, born & raised! I left when I was 17 & had been living on the out skirts of Phoenix for the past three & a half years in a little town called Buckeye. The name almost says it all. It's a very small town about 45 mins away from Phoenix with a lot of farm land, hicks, & dirt. I never felt like I fit in with the way I dressed, the music I listen to, or any of my other interests. Plus at the age I moved I was in my first year of sobriety, a total beach bum, & had a very close group of friends, who most of them I grew up with. It was extremely hard to leave.

My California buddies, I've spent about half my life with them <3

  Since day one of me leaving California I've wanted to move back. I'm so grateful that I've had the chance to come home finally. I mean realistically I could only live away from the beach for so long, right?! 

I wanted to say thanks to one of my best friends Noah for letting me live with him, my parents for their amazing & endless support (financially too!), & all the people at Ocean Hills Recovery for helping me get sober again & reminding me of a better way of living because without my sobriety I have nothing.

My wonderful family
I'll miss my family more than anything, but I can't begin to explain the happiness I feel to live back in my favorite place in the world. 
Soon here after everything is unpacked & the house is decorated I'll be posting photos of Noah & I's cozy little home together. So far it's looking great!
xo. Ariel Shay 

P.S. The drive from state to state was awful! Me & Noah both weren't feeling well, I got car sick & threw up on the side of the road twice, Noah had bad acid reflex & was burping like crazy uncontrollably forever, & thanks to my bladder infection we had to stop almost every hour because I had to use the bathroom. It was an 8 & a half hour drive, which normally only takes 5. I'm at least happy I can look back on it & laugh haha.

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