Music must hear... Best Coast

"The West Coast is the Best Coast," says Bethany Cosentino, the lead singer of Best Coast, about how their name came to be. I couldn't have said is better myself.

Quite a few months back I discovered Best Coast on YouTube. I can't thank YouTube enough for referring one of their music videos to me because they're now one of my favorite bands! One day while treasure hunting in a record store I saw Best Coast on Vinyl & knew I had to snag it up right away. 

I was ridiculously stoked on finding this piece of vinyl gold.

& so It really only made sense to pass this band along to the people who read this blog & like the same unique nonsense that I do! This trio out of LA brings us music that reminds me of a modern day Beach Boys. Best Coast will have you thinking of summer days at the beach or riding in a convertible with the top down. Their music will bring sunshine back into your thoughts & long summer days that you don’t want to end. Best Coast is just getting started on a long musical journey with many good things in sight.

Check out their website here for tour dates, merch, & their own blog!

Also check out this interview by Nylon Magazine. It's got some awesome little fun facts in there.

Hope your ears love them as much as mine do! 

xo. Ariel Shay

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