Fall Leaves D.I.Y craft

Buying decorations for the seasons can be expensive. I've been searching all over the place for craft ideas for the fall & Halloween. I came across these sweet little leaves & they're just absolutely perfect! Super cozy, easy to make, & affordable. Hope you have fun!

Here's how you do it...1. Cut leaves... as many as you like! I used felt and yarn. Thread is easier to sew, but I think yarn is a little bit prettier. 2. Stitch the leaves together. This is a good project to do while watching a movie or waiting for some cookies to bake! 3. Be sure to add knots to each end of the felt leaves and to the ends of the yarn to prevent fraying. 4. Hang it in a doorway, on a mantel or on a bed frame. Enjoy your leaves...

Here's one using thread instead of yarn. Also don't be afraid to play around with fabrics other than felt. Suede & leather are pretty, too!

Have fun getting crafty! xo. Ariel Shay

I found this lovely little D.I.Y. here along with many other great reads!

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