Music must hear... Washed Out

Washed Out is Ernest Greene, a young guy from Georgia who makes bedroom synthpop that sounds blurred & woozily evocative, like someone smeared Vaseline all over an early OMD demo tape, then stayed up all night trying to recreate what they heard.

28 year old Atlanta based songwriter & producer Ernest Greene, AKA Washed Out, first came to prominence in the summer of 2009 after unassumingly posting a handful of bedroom recorded tracks to his Myspace page from his family home in the seclusion of the tiny rural city of Perry, Georgia. “I’d been writing music on my own for three or four years previous to that, mostly as a way to experiment with songwriting processes. Those were just the first I ever shared.”

Songs such as “Belong” & “Feel It All Around”, Greene’s biggest hits to date, artfully match the glossy melody of ’80s synth pop, the widescreen scope of early ’90s Balearic dance music & the slowed, heavy bounce of southern Hip Hop production to gorgeously wistful vocals with results as undeniably idiosyncratic & original.

If that sounds incredibly unique to you, that's because it is. Washed Out is a new breed of music with other artists such as Toro Y Moi, Small Black, Neon Indian, Delorean, Real Estate, Beach House, Gold Panda, Air France, & so many more.

I hope you all take the time to listen to the amazing sounds of these bands & enjoy the same musical bliss that I do while listening to them.

xo. Ariel Shay

Washed Out - "Feel It All Around"

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