I've always loved the art of tattooing but have been really picky about what I actually want to get on myself. I mean after all it does stay with you forever. So what I figured was that I would save photos of tattoos that I was interested in & if I still loved them years after I found them, then I would get them. So here are some of my winning tattoos that I plan on getting! (Of course with certain alterations, & in different places on my body.)

 I think a pirate ship is perfect for me. I'm a rebellious, loud mouthed, & free spirited person. Enough said haha. Although I do want to change the wording on the bottom & possibly put it in a banner.

I've always loved polaroid cameras & own a few of them. This is my favorite model & I still don't have one! The thing I love about polaroids is that 1. They're the best if they're natural; no fake smiles! 2. You can't edit them, so they must be admired for every flaw & perfection just the way that it is & 3. They're just so much fun to take!

My best friend Noah always says that I'm a "crafts master" because I paint, draw, crochet, make lots of crafts, do photography, write, & pretty much do anything that has to do with creating. I just love to create! I have an amazing quote by Pearl Buck that I'll post in another blog after this about people addicted to creating like myself haha. Anyways, thought this cute little tattoo was fitting for that.


I'm getting these because my dad's side of my family is Japanese. More importantly though because they are the two biggest things I've gained in my sobriety. My "About Me" section of this blog talks a bit about what I went through in my addiction. It was a very dark, miserable, weak, angry, chaotic, & horrible time in my life. Peace & strength were things that I wanted more than anything but couldn't have while on drugs. Through being sober I have that now & so much more. These tattoos mean a lot to me.

Post a comment of your favorite tattoo or idea & it's story! Or give me a new idea, I'm always open to new ideas so if you have any I would love to hear them! 

xo. Ariel Shay

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