The all new, oh so lovely, Lux 'Central' Coffeebar

My wonderful friend Bailey & I went out for a girls night out in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. My favorite little cozy coffee spot, Lux Coffeebar, was the choice place of the night. When we arrived I was in for quite the surprise. Lux had not only moved it's location next door, but was impeccably decorated with vintage artwork & furniture. The atmosphere of the shop was absolutely perfect. I never would have thought that Lux could have got any better than it already was. Jeff Fischer, owner of Lux, really brought his new vision of the coffeebar to life.

A new & inspired Fischer, has embarked on a new concept for his popular neighborhood coffee house. With a desire for more space & some new ideas, Fischer bought the former clothing store just south of the original location late last year & went to work on a new vision.
A vision that, he says, "combines the comforts of home with a few things people might have never seen." Fischer says the new space has an atmosphere of home & community."The steel box windows have sills, so there's a feeling of looking out into the backyard while mom makes dinner."
Along with intimate lighting, exposed brick, & rich woods, there's also a vintage Olivetti typewriter (Fischer collects them) to add a bit of nostalgia. "It's like a grown up version of Lux," He says. "I don't know if I set out to do anything else but make people feel at home."
The new Lux Coffee Bar, now called Lux Central, will continue its DJ'd music & promotion of local artists (Mexican/Kickapoo painter and sculptor Hector Ruiz is helping to curate the new space) in addition to serving up caffeinated concoctions courtesy of new equipment including a La Marzocco handmade espresso machine. The hours will be expanded to 6 a.m. to midnight every day with a possibility of staying open until 2 a.m. on Fridays & Saturdays. They will also be bringing in a solid wine list, a unique beer selection, & hand-crafted cocktails.
Lux Central will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, & when it comes to food, the menu will be  small and fluid, with comfort dishes like meatloaf, potatoes au gratin, tapioca pudding, cheeseburgers, & Spanish-style tapas. 

& although Lux Central isn't much of a name change, we should be grateful Fischer decided against using his first idea. "I wanted to call the place, 'Bread Meat Wine Water Spirits Always Meet Here Home,' but I didn't know how I would fit the name on the door."

Although the old Lux (seen in above & below photos) will be missed, I was extremely impressed & inspired by the new coffeebar. For a great shot of espresso, an absolutely brilliant music selection, comforting vintage atmosphere, & all around lovely service I would highly recommend visiting Lux Central Coffeebar. It is a perfect place to relax with friends & have a great time.

xo. Ariel Shay

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