Tree Stump Coaster D.I.Y. craft

If you choose to hand stitch each coaster takes about an hour. Machine stitching would be much quicker, & both versions are cute-as-can-be! Here's how to make this woodsy coaster set...

1. Supplies Needed: dark brown & light brown flannel (1/4 yard of each), embroidery thread and needles, green felt for leaves, chalk & scissors. 2. Using chalk, Draw a circle on your dark brown flannel the size you would like your coaster to be. Find something like a small mixing bowl as a template. 3-4. Cut the light brown circle slightly smaller than the dark circle. Don't worry about using a template for this one as imperfection is absolutely perfect for this project! 5. Start stitching from the center in a spiral all the way around your coaster to the edge. Then go backwards and fill in the stitch gaps with more stitches. Do this until the entire light brown circle is covered in rings. Be sure to make your rings imperfect, as a real tree stump would be. 6. Stitch leaves to the back of your stump and you are done. Hooray! ♥

This project is a little time consuming, but also incredibly relaxing to create! It's a great project to do while sipping tea and watching a favorite movie at home. 

xo. Ariel Shay

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