Danger Kitty Fashions - Best place to get your costumes this Halloween

If you want to find the cutest costumes for Halloween this year, Danger Kitty Fashions is defiantly the place to shop. They have everything you could possibly be looking for. Whether you want cute, sexy, or pretty they have it! These new costumes for this season are absolutely stunning. I can promise you that you wont see these any where else! 

These Alice in Wonderland costumes blew my mind! I've seen hundreds of Alice in Wonderland costumes through out the years, but nothing like these. Danger Kitty Fashions has all your favorite Wonderland characters, even the Cheshire Cat (also with blue stripes like the one in Tim Burton's Alice movie)! Now really, where else have you seen that?
I thought these animal costumes were just the cutest! Danger Kitty Fashions has The Big Bad Wolf, an adorable raccoon, The Brave Lion, & so much more including cute kitties, a skunk, rubber ducky, bumble bee, leopard, Hello Kitty, a husky dog, & so many more cute critters! Oh & of course can't forget the gangster hamsters from the Kia Soul car commercials, can you believe that?! haha.

We all see the the typical pirate costumes every year that are worn & seen over & again, but have you ever seen these before? I couldn't get over how stunningly beautiful & detailed they were. With these pirate costumes everyone will be trying the steal your booty! Argghhhh!
These were 4 of my personal favorites from the website. The indian girl is my absolute favorite costume ever! I want it so bad! Those boots are the most adorable thing. The flapper & hippie girls were also just cute as a button. If you're like me you'll really love that these costumes are sexy & cute, but not too revealing. I always have a hard time finding costumes that don't show too much skin & aren't silly looking like the adult costumes you find at Walmart.

I had to add in the sweet Little Red Riding hood to go with The Big Bad Wolf above. Can't have Little Red Riding hood with out The Big bad Wolf!
For those of you who didn't know, Danger Kitty Fashions is an online store that is owned by my wonderful parents. I can promise you my enthusiasm for these products is not just because they are from my family's store, but because they are really that outstanding. I hope you all take a look at the site & hopefully find something you love. You would be getting an amazing costume & also helping my amazing family out!

Danger Kitty Fashions also has accessories, wigs, shoes, corsets, plus sizes, formal gowns, mini dresses, swim wear, lingerie, honeymoon & bridal wear, & dance/club wear. Not to mention an amazing selection!
Blue Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's Alice
Costumes can get a bit pricey right? That's why Danger Kitty Fashions & Toast & the Teaspoon Factory has teamed up to give you a special Halloween discount for 15% off your purchase! If you follow T&TF or recommend it to 2 friends you will be sent a discount code to enter when you are in the process of checking your order out! Leave a comment to this post to let me known when you've done either or send a message to my facebook.

Happy Halloween everyone! xo. Ariel Shay

P.S. My mother has a disease called Lupus which makes it almost impossible for most people with this disease to live regular lives like they wish they could. It is very painful & in a lot of cases deadly. My mother runs this website nearly on her own. It is a miracle how she is able to pull herself out of bed everyday & almost all the time have a smile on her face & be loving. She is the best mother in the world & the strongest, most beautiful person I know. I aspire to be as strong & loving as she has always been. Buying products from her store helps more than you could imagine. She works very hard for her store & I know would appreciate your business greatly. I mainly wanted to write this just to give my amazing mom credit for all her hard work. I hope everyone else will visit the site & see all the hard work she has put in to it to =] Thank you.