The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

I was looking through these old photos of my mum & dad, & couldn't help but notice how much I am like them in so many ways. Especially when they were my age!

My mum has always had the type of personality that draws people in. For as far back as I can remember, any where at all that we went she would be going around making friends. She lights up a room when she walks though the door. I feel very grateful in the way that I feel like I was lucky enough to get that part of her in my own personality.


My dad was the same way in that people have always loved him. He has an amazing free spirited, creative, adventurous, & fun loving personality. The list of things we share in common could go on for eternity. Art is my life & with out my father I strongly believe that part of me would be very different. I owe my dad so much credit for helping me become who I am today.

I couldn't begin to tell you how great the atmosphere I grew up in was. Not so long ago I was watching a video tape of my 1st birthday party. My parents had all of their 80's "hair farmer" friends over along with their children. They were listening to Motley Crew, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leopard, & so many more of those gnarly 80's bands! Haha. Growing up we always had parties for everything, life was extremely fun. Not only that though, we were a very close & loving family. I always felt that I could talk to my mum & dad about anything, & my little brother Kasey was my best friend.

My dad is an absolutely AMAZING singer. I love to sing as well, but I could only wish to be as great as my dad. At the parties we always had, my dad would get his old band, Javelin, back together once in a while to play a few songs. I always loved watching him sing. I have his very first album on vinyl & listen to it all the time on my record player. I would have loved to see him perform back in the 80's. He's played with some very famous bands at some highly well known venues. I've always been inspired by him.

The main reason why I wanted to write this blog about my parents is because I am so grateful for them. I don't think many people are as close with their parents as I am to mine, so I feel very blessed that I'm so fortunate. 

I leave this month to move back to our home town of Orange County, California (we currently live in Phoenix, Arizona). They have helped me out so much with getting myself back on my feet after having quite a bit of financial struggle. I couldn't have made it this far with moving back without them. I am going to miss them more than words could ever begin to say, but I wanted to let the word know just how special they are. I love you mum & dad.

xo. Ariel Shay


  1. Thank you Doodlebug! You're loved more than you'll ever possibly know! Well...maybe someday if you have children of your own, you'll understand then. :)
    XOXOXO Daddy